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Sponsor a Seminary Student

The Crosslands team works hard to manage costs tightly so that fees are as affordable as possible. However many of our students are working part time, whether in secular or ministry roles, to be able to study, and funding for their fees can still be a struggle.   Would you or your church consider helping to fund students studying with Crosslands?  

- £100 a month (plus gift aid) provides over half of a student’s funding across a year

- A one-off gift of £2000 (plus gift aid) funds a student’s fees for a full year

If you would like to support a specific student, or contribute to our general bursary fund, you can give here.

Have a look at the impact the study is having on our students.


Support Translation

Crosslands loves to see our Foundation materials translated into other European languages.  If you’d like to find out what we already have available or what’s in the pipeline, contact us here.

Or how about partnering with us to fund the translation of a Crosslands module into another language?   £400 will pay for the translation of a Crosslands Foundation module into another language, and represents an enormous and long-lasting blessing to churches and other gospel ministries in Europe and beyond.  

As an individual or church you can support the translation of foundation modules through either a one off gift or monthly donations. Click here for more details.

Spanish Website

French Website


Give to Crosslands

Crosslands continues to develop new materials and to support churches throughout Europe and the 10:40 window with gospel training. If you would like to partner with us by investing in this work, please contact us, or you can give here: