Our Seminary course is an in-depth curriculum for church planters, aspiring church leaders, specialist ministry leaders or those who simply want to dig deeper theologically. It aims to give you a good understanding of key theological concepts in detail with their pastoral and missional implications, to help you lead others in the Christian life. Students can choose from a four-year MA in Christian Ministry with successful students being awarded an MA from our partners Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and the BibleMesh Institute or three-year unaccredited Crosslands Certificate. It is also possible to study for just one or two years.

Seminary FAQs

Seminary Children’s and Youth Ministry Track FAQs


Students study four modules each year (one from each stream) on a rolling programme. All students study Year A, B and C. Students on the accredited option then study Year D to complete their MA in Christian Ministry from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS).


What it involves


Mentoring in your local church

All students should be involved with a local church and study with the active support of the local leadership. A leader who knows you will have to confirm this as part of your application and ongoing study.


Independent Study

It takes on average 10 - 12 hour’s study to cover the English-only online material and set texts each week, including weekly contribution to an online discussion forum, moderated by your tutor. Complete an ungraded assignment and graded assignment per module, included within the normal study hours.


Seminar Days

Each module in the year builds towards an assignment which you present and discuss with your peers in five whole-day seminars run by a Crosslands tutor near to you. This is available in English or French.



You gather for a week in the Autumn and the Summer for fellowship with your peers, introductions and summaries of modules, peer-review activities and interaction with current theological questions.

At the mid-point of the year, you will meet all the students at your hub for a weekend winter residential which focuses on practical application of the Pastoral module.



For both options, fees include everything for the year (including any associated accreditation charges), except travel to the Residentials, travel to the Pastoral Conferences and any set texts you choose to buy.

Crosslands does not offer any support with funding however, we can provide a fundraising pack, to help student raise support, on request. Please contact us if this would be helpful.