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What is it?

A training collaboration between the North East Gospel Partnership and Crosslands, for the North East, endorsed by the FIEC. 


Who is it for?

It’s for interns, elders, congregation members and small group leaders from churches across the North East. For those who want to grasp how the Bible changes our hearts in the context of community and mission. For those eager to learn how God speaks today, and how we can help others hear His voice.

The Course

Part 1: Crosslands Foundation Introduction to Christian Ministry track

During the course of the year we'll study 7 modules together.  These make up over three quarters of the Crosslands Foundation 'Introduction to Christian Ministry' Track. Four hours a week are required to cover the material, but the good news is that two hours of this are included in our time together.

To complete the track and obtain your Certificate of Completion from Crosslands, we recommend that you complete the remaining module 'Gospel Living' in your own time, either during one of the holidays or after the course has finished.

Key dates

For 2019-20 register interest now. Dates and costs expected to be in line with 2018-19, as below (i.e. 6 blocks of 4 weeks - 1 block per half term: Oct; Nov; Jan/Feb; Feb/Mar; Apr/May; & June).

The 2018-19 course is running on the following dates:

25th Apr; 2nd/9th/16th May; 6th/ 13th/ 20th/ 27th June.

We would love to do the the whole course together. If that's not possible for you, but you join us for part of the course , contact David to discuss options


For 2018- 19, £250 payable in advance

If cost is a barrier to you, please contact David.



Part 2: Teaching with Purpose

We'll cover a unit each half term. The first will give a big picture of how God speaks. The remaining units equip participants for word ministry from across the Scriptures.  Units on Gospels; OT Prophecy; OT Narrative; Wisdom; and Epistles will give participants the opportunity to apply principles to everyday life in a workshop format.

These units will be taught by Hugo Charteris; Duncan Woods; Dan Martin; and David Dargue.

 One session per unit is give to Ministry in Context, with people working in different contexts from across our collective speaking about what Teaching with Purpose looks like in their situation. Jenny Charteris will be leading the first on 'Leading from Anywhere'.

Sample Timetable

0945     Discussion about Crosslands home study  

1015     Crosslands Foundation 'Introduction to Christian Ministry' Track

1200     Lunch

1245    Teaching with Purpose

1415     Depart, or stay around to study next Crosslands Unit with others

Site Leader

David Dargue (Christ Church Gosforth, Newcastle)