Our Foundation material are flexible short courses for church members, small group leaders, interns and elders who want to keep being equipped for discipleship and ministry. It can be delivered through a Learning Site (serving a region or set off churches) or Study Group (serving a single church) but can also be studied by individuals

The course gives you an understanding of how the Bible affects heart change in the context of community and mission, as you develop a ‘gospel instinct’ for everyday life. Each module is flexible to order, pace, intensity or follow a recommended study plan. All you need to do is decide how/what you want to study.

The Foundation material is compromised of 26 modules:


Decide how you want to study


Learning Site

A Foundation Learning Site is set up and run by a group of local churches who want to see men and women equipped for ministry across their area. Learning Sites are usually run by a collaborative group of local church leaders, ideally with one person as the designated overall leader.  Learning Site FAQs.


Study Group

A study group is set up within a local church to provide training for members of their own congregation. The group leader is a member of the local church, and the curriculum and pace are decided by the local leadership. Study Group FAQs


Independent Study

These modules can be studied on your own and at your own pace. To get the most of out the material, we recommend that you talk to others in your church about what you are studying and how it applies to your life, relationships and community. 


Current Learning Sites:




Decide what you want to study

Students can choose from 26 modules, divided into four streams: Bible/Doctrine, Character, Community and World. The modules are designed to be modular and flexible to both the topics that you or your group want to focus on and the time commitment desired.

Our learning sites, study groups and individual students typically follow one of three approaches:



Students follow our pre-defined tracks which group 8 related modules together into a themed study package. Typically, a single Track can be completed in a year with two to four hours study per week:


Full Programme

Your students work through 6 or 12 modules per year which provides a robust and comprehensive 2 or 4 year curriculum. 

6 modules per year might require three to four hours’ study per week, whereas 12 modules per year requires a clear structure of 3 terms over 2 years with 4 modules studied per term at an investment of around eight hours’ study per week. 

A ‘Termly Programme Overview’ can be found here which provides further details of this method of study. 

Make the most of a discount when purchasing modules as a bundle: 

Two Year Programme Bundle - Year One 
Two Year Programme Bundle - Year Two 

Please contact Crosslands if your have any questions or queries.


Bespoke Choice

Students pick modules on particular topics which they want to learn about or which fit into a broader training programme. The intensity of study can be varied exactly to suit your students’ needs. Simply browse and pick from the modules here.