What is Crosslands


Crosslands was created by Acts 29 and Oak Hill theological college, to provide excellent in-context theological training throughout the UK, Europe and the 10:40 window.  

Our flexible training equips ordinary Christians and Christian leaders for ministry and mission, whenever and wherever it is needed.  

We partner with leaders of local churches and specialist ministires to enable them to deliver excellent training through every stage of discipleship and leadership development in their local church.  At the heart of any training strategy must be the daily and weekly diet of word ministry, life on life discipleship and missional living, involving ordinary men and women of every age and stage- we believe this is core to the role of local church leadership.

To enable this, a church needs to be building communities  which are rooted in a love and understanding of God and his Word, and are thoughtfully and intentionally engaged in how that affects heart change, transforms community, and spurs mission forward. Therefore,  if churches are to keep growing and multiplying ministries, more and more people need to be equipped to lead others in the Christian life, building in-depth theological understanding and the ability to apply that in pastoral and missional leadership, all of which feeds back into everyday discipleship and mission.  Crosslands’ desire is to support your local training through our Foundation and Seminary programmes.

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Crosslands Foundation is a suite of 26 modules, aimed at ordinary Christians, equipping them for everyday discipleship and mission by deepening their understanding of the Bible.  These modules are organised around four themes: Bible, Character, Community and World.

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The programme is designed with the purpose of being flexible to the needs of any given student or study group.  Each module can be studied at any time and at a pace which suits the particular needs and availability of those studying the course. It is possible to pick and choose a module combination to fit a specific area of interest, or select one of our recommended study tracks:

For a group of interns, for example, we would recommend these eight modules as an Introduction to Christian Ministry:

Introduction to Christian Ministry.png

Or, if you were starting to develop a core team for a new church plant, we would recommend this track on Missional Church and Church Planting:

Missional Church and Church Planting.png

Or if you need to equip more people in your church with a gospel-centered approach to pastoral care, our Pastoral Care track would give them strong, biblical foundations:

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And if you’re trying to figure out a curriculum to help with training of elders or potential elders, this combination of courses has been put together for Church Leadership:

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As well as the flexible curriculum, the study format for Foundation is highly flexible.   The modules can be studied by an individual, or you can set up a small study group with others in your church or ministry context. Equally, you could join forces with other churches in your area to set up a Crosslands Foundation Learning site, with it’s own webpage and the ability to publicise it to the wider world.  

With any of these options, you get to decide the order, pace and style of study that works for your local needs.  Some of our groups meet weekly to study all together, while others choose to study individually from week to week but meet monthly or once a term to review their learning and work through the application.  It’s up to you – but we’re happy to help you think it through.

We also love to see the Crosslands Foundation courses translated into other European languages.  If you’re interested in what we may already have in a particular language, please get in touch with us.  Or how about partnering with us to fund the translation of a module into another language? Around £400 will pay for the translation of a Crosslands Foundation module, and represents an enormous and long-lasting blessing to churches and other gospel ministries throughout Europe and beyond.  Please consider whether this is an investment you or your church might make, and get in contact with us.

Crosslands also provides Seminary training. There is a desperate need for more church planters and ministry leaders to be raised up throughout Europe- people who are well-grounded in key theological concepts and able to lead others pastorally and missionally.  However, very few churches can afford to send their emerging and future leaders away for full time seminary education for three years. This is where Crosslands Seminary offers a uniquely flexible option to study at seminary level without having to leave your local context.   

Our Seminary course blends online study, local tutor groups (five times a year), and short residential intensives (three times a year).  Students need to be able to commit around 10-12 hours a week, but this study can be at any time of the week to suit your family life, work or ministry commitments.  There is the option of doing either 3 years unaccredited or, for those who already hold a bachelor's’ degree, a 4 year MA accredited programme. It is also possible to study our Seminary programme with a specialist Children and Youth Ministry focus. The core curriculum for each of these options is very similar.  Each year, our Seminary students cover four modules, focusing on Bible, Pastoral, Doctrine and Mission. The first 3 years run as a rolling programme, with those doing the MA accreditation doing the additional year D at the end.

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If you’d like to know more about the impact Crosslands Seminary is having in everyday ministry contexts throughout Europe, take a look at some of our student stories on our website.

In addition, please feel free to get in touch and talk to us about how we can serve your local training plans, how you might serve others in Europe by investing in a translation project, or how you or a member of your team can receive great theological formation and ministry training without leaving home.  

Beth Butler