Crosslands Seminary January 2020 Intake


Crosslands is delighted to announce that we will be trialling a January intake for our Seminary programme in 2020.  This document sets out how it will work in practice, and what to do if you are interested in studying with us from January 2020.  

We recognise that many people are still finalising new ministry roles during the summer each year, and are therefore not in a position to commit to a particular training path until after the start of the UK/EUR academic year in September.   We hope that the option of a January start will offer even more flexibility for those who want to train for gospel ministry in-context.  

The following key questions cover information specific to the January intake.  For more general information about studying with Crosslands Seminary, please see our Seminary FAQ document.  

Will I study the same curriculum?

Yes. Crosslands runs a rolling curriculum for the first 3 years of study, with all students in any of the first 3 years studying the same content at any one time. Those joining in January will begin studying the same modules that our others students are about to study at that point in time, and will not be at any disadvantage by doing so.    

Will I get to be part of the wider Crosslands student body?

Yes!   You’ll start in a small group of students who are all joining together in January.  But from June onwards, you will simply start to integrate into the wider student body, starting with the summer residential in the Peak district on 29th June - 3rd July.  

From September 2020, you will be assigned to a new tutor group made up of students from across different years/intakes who are geographically closer together.  You will continue in exactly the same way as all other students for the next two years. In September 2022, you will continue like everyone else to take your final 2 modules, finishing with a January residential in January 2023.  

If you’re on the MA track, you will then switch over to Year D from January 2023, and finally finish up with a Year D residential in January 2024. 

See table below:

Screenshot 2019-10-04 at 14.04.17.png

How, where and when will January starters begin their study year?

Students joining in January will need to attend a 2 day residential on 30th January - 1st February in Manchester as the starting point for their study programme. Attending this is an essential requirement, as it will set you up both relationally and academically for making a success of your study.  You will get to meet your tutor and faculty members, get an overview of the study programme, acquire some essential study and work skills, and have some introductory sessions to set you up for the modules you’ll be studying for the rest of the academic year.  You will also have the opportunity to meet students from the September who will be in the same location to complete their earlier two modules.

From the beginning of February you’ll begin your online study at home, engaging with your tutor group weekly online and meeting up for two seminar days in April and June.  You’ll finish the study year together with the full student body for the week-long residential at the end of June.   

Will I join an existing tutor group near me?

For the first half-year you will most likely be in a tutor group made up of students who all join in January.  This means that you’re interacting with others who are just settling down to study in the same way you are, rather than joining an established tutor group.  That means your first two seminar days with your tutor are likely to be joined virtually (eg via Zoom or Skype) rather than meeting up in person. A number of our students participate in all their seminar days in this way throughout the programme if they are not living and working close enough to other students to allow them to meet in person.  

However from the following September, you’ll be organised into a tutor group on a more geographically defined basis.  For many students that means it will be possible to participate in seminar days face-to-face, and building deeper relationships with a small peer group of people living and working relatively nearby.  

Can I do the Masters’ accreditation if I join in January?

Yes there are no problems with this at all, provided you meet the usual entry criteria for the MA programme:  holding an undergraduate degree in any discipline; plus IELTS Level 7 if English is not your first language. 

How do fees work if I’m starting in January?

To register for our January intake, you will need to pay a deposit of £250 when you apply (as with all students).   You will then be invoiced for £1125 (for unaccredited course) or £1750 (for MA accredited course), payable by 30th January, to cover all fees and costs for the second half of the academic year. This means you will pay a total of £1375 for your first half-year, which is slightly higher than 50% of fees for the year.  This difference covers the cost of your extra ‘start-up’ residential in January, which is the one additional requirement/provision for students joining in January.  

What do I do next

If you would like to apply to join Crosslands Seminary programme in January 2020:

  1. Please contact us if you have any questions.  

  2. As soon as you possibly can,  let us know if you are likely to apply.  This helps our planning enormously! You can do this by emailing our administrator, Beth Butler, at  

  3. Please complete the Seminary application form here.  If you are applying for the MA programme, you will need to have a transcript of your undergraduate qualification ready to upload.  You also need to make a payment of £250 before your application can be processed - an invoice will be sent to you as soon as your application is submitted.  Contact us if you have any problems with the form. Your application needs to be completed not later than 15th December 2019.  

  4. Please put the dates for your first residential in your calendar.  It will take place in Manchester from 5.30pm on 30th January until 5pm on 1st February 2020.   You don’t need to arrange accommodation - we will provide that - but you should start to plan how you will travel to and from Manchester on these dates, although you should not go ahead and book until after we have confirmed if your application has been successful.  

Beth Butler