How studying a Foundation module engaged our congregation


John Hindley is the lead planter and pastor at Broadgrace Church in Norfolk.  Find out more at

Broadgrace is a small church, meeting in Coltishall in rural Norfolk, England. We have two community groups and are praying towards one of them becoming a church plant. To prepare for this, we needed to reorganise the leadership of the groups. We took the opportunity to spend the Autumn of 2017 meeting altogether as a church on Wednesday evenings, rather than in our groups. We studied the Crosslands Foundation module on Gospel Community.

The church enjoyed the teaching, delivered by our elders from the written workbook and especially the online course videos. We had lively discussions in our two groups during the second half of the evening. Then in January 2018, the community groups resumed their usual rhythm of meetings.

My fellow-elders and I were amazed at the difference. Engagement in our groups had been good before the Gospel Community course, and all four of us elders had sought to teach and model the theology and practice taught in the course. However, in both numbers of church members engaging in our groups and in the depth of sharing lives, prayer and discipleship, we have seen a marked growth. I think the reason was simply going through this excellent material together, with time to talk it over. It excited and delighted our church, and we are seeing the fruit.


Tom Olyott