Theological resources for West Ireland


One of the challenges of in-context training is access to good-quality study resources.  Whilst students studying at a traditional seminary can usually pop down to the library, this is much harder for those learning where they live, work or minister.  The Internet is great, but there is no substitute for a theological library with well-chosen books and most students aren’t even able to raid the bookshelves of another pastor or planter.

All this means that resources aren't easy to find outside the big cities - until now.

With support from local churches and Crosslands, Calvary Church Castlebar has established a theological library in the west of Ireland. It contains good commentaries on every book of the Bible, as well as systematic theologies, dictionaries, and books on specific subjects. Crosslands students and local pastors are already using it, and we hope it will continue to develop as a resource to support good theological thinking.

If you'd like to support the development of this resource in the pioneer mission field of the west of Ireland (or simply borrow a book), please contact

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Tom Olyott