Theological training in Ireland


I heard about Crosslands on my first trip to Ireland from a former student. Part of the requirements from my sending mission agency was to do some training. After looking at many different Bible Colleges and Seminaries in the Unites States, none of them stood out like Crosslands. I kept thinking of what that missionary said to me in Ireland about this training opportunity.

What makes Crosslands stand out from the others is its commitment to equipping leaders in their context. So the material we cover is not just for academics but is applied within the context of my ministry. The online learning is flexible and the seminar groups provide the opportunity to learn alongside others who are serving in a similar context.

Crosslands has encouraged me and is equipping me to live out the Gospel among the unreached in the West of Ireland. Ireland has become the least evangelized English-speaking country in the world!  The Gospel really needs to be re-heard in Ireland. I am excited that Crosslands is providing a seminary-level option for Irish men to be trained and equipped to lead the churches here, and also for women who desire to learn how to handle and share the Word of God well in their context.

Patti Parks is a second year seminary-level student and Missionary with Calvary Mission in the West of Ireland.  This week, Crosslands launched its second training hub in Dublin, allowing seminary- and foundation-level training to be delivered closer to where our students are.

Tom Olyott