4 things that make study with Crosslands enriching


There are many reasons I could give, but it’s the combination of four things that makes the Crosslands experience especially enriching.

1.       Discovery

Studying on the seminary-level course was an exciting time of discovery for me. I learned many things that were new to me, but more common was the experience of “light bulb” moments: when suddenly the significance of a doctrine or truth I already knew and believed became so much clearer and more important and relevant.  I know that it’s the same experience for those on the foundation-level course

2.       Shared Experience

The formal learning (lectures and online study) gave a deeper understanding of the Bible and theology, but this became deeper still through discussions in the seminar days, residentials and other times with students and faculty.

3.       Relevant Application

Practical application pervades all the courses that Crosslands offers. Students are involved in ministry already in one form or another, and each topic is applied to the students’ contexts. For example, relevant application is a significant part of essay evaluation, even for Foundation-level students. Application isn’t general or theoretical but real and specific to situations that are going on in students’ lives and churches.

4.       Partnerships

I have built deep and significant friendships and partnerships. Although there was room for lively disagreement, there was generally a spirit of collaboration rather than competition. Throughout the course, it was obvious that students and faculty all want to help and encourage each other.

There is lots more I loved about the course. Overall the course helped me to develop a “theological instinct”, so I assess life situations and what people say theologically, not just psychologically or sociologically.

Jonathan studied the seminary-level course between 2013 and 2016. He is now serving Bethesda Church in Brampton, Cumbria, and is a Crosslands tutor.

Tom Olyott