My experience of studying at Crosslands


I studied with Crosslands nearly six years ago as a young trainee-elder at my church in Loughborough. I started out expecting to learn more theology - and I did. But more than that, and I think much more significantly, I came away having learnt how to think theologically. This has been invaluable in my early days of ministry, equipping me to approach the nuances of pastoral and evangelistic situations with clarity and confidence in the gospel. Through my studies, as well as the interaction with other students - who were all reassuringly ordinary but gospel-hearted people - my three years shaped in me a much richer and fuller understanding of and delight in the God of the bible as revealed in the person and work of Christ.

As I start to lead a new church plant into an unreached part of Leicester, I’m so grateful for the way Crosslands has formed my theological backbone, helping me to discern where the key theological battlegrounds are going to be for church leaders in 21st century Britain, and arming me to fight those battles when they come.

We are now using the Crosslands Certificate in Missional DNA (consisting of 4 Foundation-level courses modules) in order to train our core team members for this new church plant. It has been thrilling to see Christians learn not only how to live, but also how to help each other to live in light of the truth of the gospel. We fully expect Crosslands to play a fundamental role in the training of our church in the years to come. 


Pete Petra, Crosslands Alumnus

Tom Olyott