The Acts 29 Oak Hill Academy formally launches as Crosslands


Launching today (3rd April 2017), Crosslands aims to provide excellent in-context theological training and resources for churches and church leaders in the UK, Europe and 10:40 window in order to:

  • Make and mature disciples of Jesus Christ;
  • Equip Christians and Christian leaders in partnership with local mission-focused churches;
  • Nurture a culture of multiplication and church planting; and
  • Invest in the next generation of missionary theologians.

Formerly operating as the Acts 29 Oak Hill Academy, we are passionate to see the cross of Christ reigning over these lands and our students crossing-lands for the gospel.  

There are many good theological institutions in the UK and Europe already; we praise God for the work that they do.  However, Crosslands is a new kind of organisation, a Flexicademy™ that offers flexible learning and rigorous training, leaning on the extensive church planting experience of Acts 29 and the exceptional theological training expertise of Oak Hill.

Steve Timmis, CEO of Acts 29 said: “The launch of Crosslands is exciting, timely and strategic.  Exciting because we want Christians to be stirred for Christ as a result of theological education.  Timely as Crosslands equips for mission those who can’t train at great institutions like Oak Hill for all sorts of reasons.  And it’s strategic because it will connect people for gospel collaboration in the UK, Europe and 10:40 window”.

Dan Strange, Acting Principal of Oak Hill Theological College said: "In our too-often fractured evangelical sub-culture, it’s been a really encouraging and positive experience to be partnering with Steve Timmis, Tim Chester and the rest of the Acts 29 team. We are very different organisations but share the same vision and values for the kind of gospel training that Crosslands will provide”.

For aspiring leaders, motivated congregation members and even new Christians, Crosslands wants to serve you with gospel training when and where you need it.

Tom Olyott