Practical, Affordable, Convenient and Relational


David and Ruth Marino are currently 2nd-year seminary-level students, an American-Iranian couple looking to church plant in Athens! They write:

We have greatly enjoyed our time at Crosslands. There are four things we love about Crosslands: practical, affordable, convenient, and relational. 

Crosslands is practical because it not only gives us rich theological training but has helped us apply what we are learning to our life and ministry. It is affordable and well-priced for what it offers and makes it possible for missionaries like us to put it into our budget. It is convenient because of its flexicademy design to fit into the context of our ministry and schedule. It is relational because it connects you through the supporter covenant to your Church and you become family with fellow students and faculty; we feel genuinely loved and cared for. 

We are so thankful for Crosslands Training and have seen our lives and ministry grow from it.

Tom Olyott