Aims, Objectives, Distinctives

Gospel training when and where you need it




We offer in-context training where you live, work or minister. Our modern blended-learning techniques train you in partnership with your local church. It’s the quality of residential training at the price of distance-learning courses with the benefits of learning in discussion with peers whilst remaining in your local community. If you’re looking for pure residential theological education, our friends and colleagues at Oak Hill College do this excellently.


We stand firmly in the traditions of historic evangelicalism and want God’s word to shape your training and life so that you love Jesus more. Reflecting the missions and values of our parent organisations, Acts 29 and Oak Hill College, we are Reformational, Evangelical, Complementarian and Missional. See Beliefs for more details.


Crosslands may have started life in the UK, but we don’t want to stop there. We recognise the need for theological education in Europe and beyond into the 10:40 window. We are working hard to establish Crosslands hubs where our students are and in the languages that they speak, so that we might contribute to seeing the cross of Christ reigning over the lands of Europe and the 10:40 window where Jesus is neither named nor known.



A learning community

We want participation in Crosslands to be an introduction to a learning community of disciples of Jesus Christ. Therefore, engage in Crosslands with a spirit of generous collaboration rather than competition in which grace shapes all our interactions.

A theological community

Crosslands is evangelical, reformational, complementarian and missional with a strong emphasis on biblical theology. We do not take an official stance on other issues like church governance, baptism, charismatic issues and so on. If you study with us, we will encourage you to explore different perspectives on these debates with tutors or peers. Please reflect a generosity of spirit on these issues while pursuing rigorous theological reflection and debate.

A supportive community

The relationships you form with fellow students are valuable. Whatever course you take, use conference days, discussion groups, seminar days, pastoral conferences or residentials to have fun, share your struggles, encourage one another and pray together.

An ongoing community

During your time at Crosslands, we expect that you will build long-term friendships that will provide encouragement and partnership in your future ministry. In fact, many seminary-level students continue to meet to support each other in a more formalised fashion after graduating.

A wider community

We encourage you to connect with our partners during your time with Crosslands and in your ministry:

  • for church planters, Acts 29 Europe and Acts 29 Emerging Regions provide networks of fellow practitioners who seek to reach the unreached across our continents; and
  • for those seeking further theological or academic study, Oak Hill Theological College offers rigorous residential courses in London, UK.


Affections & cruciformity

We want to develop you to love Jesus more, live by grace and live shaped by the cross and resurrection with an understanding of the importance of the affections in Christian spirituality and life.

Heart change

We want to develop you to understand a heart-focused, faith-based, gospel-centred approach to change and know how to apply it to real life situations.

Biblical theology

We want to develop you with a deep understanding of biblical theology and an ability to read Bible texts creatively and interpret life from the perspective of biblical theology.

Theological reflection

We want to develop you with a good understanding of systematic theology and church history, an ability to reflect theologically on life and an ability to guard against error.

Missional leadership

We want to develop you to understand the missional identity of God’s people, and to shape life and community around the gospel word and the gospel mission.